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Find, book, and share with Bookenda

Bookenda is the only tool you need to plan and share activities. Available online, Bookenda facilitates interactions between companies and individuals and simplifies the process of sharing on social networks.

Let’s make your life easier...

Do not take for granted that your way is the only way and has no good alternative. It is often by challenging our current practices that we find better solutions to improve our methods and stand out.

We have taken the time to ask ourselves some basic questions in order to find ways to improve and simplify your life, and ours.

With all this new technology, why is it so complicated to plan schedules?

With a calendar in the office, a personal calendar, a schedule of activities for the children, medical appointment reminder cards, etc., time management can easily get out of hand.

Why is it so complicated, so difficult, and so long to organize a group happening?

First, we must find a time when everyone is free, and then find availability in a restaurant or in another business. Once it seems all set, we have to validate everyone’s schedule, communicate with everyone, and manage endless discussions.

How could we make communications between companies and customers simpler?

As a company, you take bookings, send confirmations, send reminders, or call back by telephone, respond to what seems like endless questions, and manage all kinds of requests. We do not always realize how much time is going down the drain because of all this back and forth.

And why must companies put so much effort in attracting customers and filling their spaces?

We put a lot of money and effort in ensuring all our spaces are filled and our reservation book has no free spots. Wouldn’t it be great if we could notify nearby people, in real-time, that a place has just been freed? Or easily reward our customers for their loyalty?

Meeting these dilemmas everyday? Bookenda has the solution!

Bookenda helps you...


Look for a restaurant, spa, bar, or other professional services near you. Find great offers and reward yourself by accumulating your Bookenda points.


In one click, make an appointment and receive instant confirmation. Your reservation goes directly into your Bookenda calendar.


Invite your friends to your get-togethers; make your calendar available to your family or discuss shared event with your peers.

Bookenda Enterprise

Bookenda simplifies the interactions between customers and merchants. It's simple, profitable, and fun.


Customers can make reservations by themselves at all times on the Web or on their smartphone. For businesses, Bookenda is available from anywhere (laptop, tablet, iPad or Android, etc.) and no equipment purchase is required for software installation.


Bookenda Online bookings and reservations save time and hassle, even when making appointments by phone. Bookenda is the best application to optimize your limited number of spaces. It also reduces no-shows by sending confirmations and automated reminders.


Bookenda Deals are targeted marketing at its best. You can advertise appealing promotions to your customers based on their locations and preferences. Each time a customer books or responds to one of your amazing offers, Bookenda is building a valuable customer base for your business.

Developed in Canada

Bookenda is the brainchild of a young and enthusiastic team from the Quebec City region.

Bookenda. Find. Book. Share.