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From the moment you enter this restaurant you are in for a treat. The welcoming soft colors of the walls and the Portuguese spirit give it a positive energy. This is a large restaurant but you will feel comfortable sitting by the fireplace in the small room at the entrance or the area closer to the bar with shelves of the finest wine. Owner and Chef Jose Alves is a master in preparing gourmet food. His menu reflects the Portuguese flavor and he offers many of the traditional dishes. Chef Alves goes to the market daily to find the freshest produce, meat and fish. He has a creative touch in presenting the gourmet food that he lovingly has prepared. Each dish will appeal to all the senses. All the food is prepared with a loving knowledgeable hand and it is presented with artistry. You will be treated as a family member. This is a total dining experience.
938 College St.
Toronto , ON , M6H1A4

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