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Three Boars Eatery

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Our food menu is split into three basic categories: "Tried and True" - A small selection of crowd favorite and signature dishes that have proven to hold up over the years and delight over the years. "From The Slicer" - An assortment of cured and fermented meats from the talented Secret Meat Club. "1st Come 1st Serve" - A revolving portion of the menu that changes seasonally, weekly or whenever chef wants. Dishes in this section have an unknown life span, so try them while you can! Our drink menu is also in constant flux with a delicious selection for everyone's unique tastes consisting of globally sourced wines, local craft beer and expertly crafted cocktails. For the high rollers or special occasions we also have the exclusive "Treat Yourself" menu packed with top shelf whiskey, rare cellar wines and high end spirit cocktails.
8424 109 St NW
Edmonton , AB , T6G1E2

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