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First conceived as a series of roving farm dinners, RGE RD {Range Road} celebrates Alberta’s terroir and gathers inspiration from the rural “range roads” where food is grown. In 2013, creative team Chef Blair Lebsack and General Manager Caitlin Fulton opened their intimate brick and mortar space in the heart of Edmonton’s bourgeoning food community. The farm dinners continue with the restaurant as the anchor -- complete with wood burning oven, lively ambiance, craft cocktails and Canadian-centric wine list. With Caitlin and Blair’s emphasis on artisanal farming practices and seasonality, RGE RD serves untamed cuisine with warm and relaxed hospitality. Expert and delicious preparation of fresh, local ingredients is tantamount to allowing the farm dictate the menu. In its first year of being open, RGE RD earned the number one spot in Avenue Magazine’s list of best restaurants in Edmonton and was recognized by EnRoute Magazine as being number four of Canada’s 10 Best New Restaurants.
10643 - 123 Street
Edmonton , AB , T5N1P3

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