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Porto Osteria

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Bringing Italy a little closer Like any good story, this one begins long ago, when Graden first developed a love for Italian cooking. At the early age of 6 while making gnocchi with his Nonna and Nonno, he fell in love with the pillow like texture and the rich flavour. From that point on Graden has honed his culinary skills as well as his baking. Graden's love and passion for wholesome food, supported by local ingredients, and Italian recipes, both traditional and modern, is contagious. So we have decided to share his passion with the Island. It is our hope that we are able to provide our customers with simple, elegant foods that ring true to their Italian origins. Our team includes our wonderful, creative staff, bakers and pastry chiefs, our produce and egg farmers, as well as many local butchers, fromagerie, distilleries, local mills, brew houses, vineyards, and our sommelier.
2300 Canoe Cove Road
North Saanich , BC , V8L3X9

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