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"The Moche, who preceded the Incas by at least a millennium, were also creators of high Andean civilization." Visit Peru by coming to the restaurant Mochica, located on one of the most famous streets of Montreal: rue Saint-Denis. This is where Mochica took up residence under the sun radiant solstice of the Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) in 2004 and is here where a Queri Awicha (goddess of the kitchen) will reveal to you the wonderful taste of this unfamiliar culture. Discover a refined Peruvian cuisine where the flavors are in symphony with contemporary expectations, pleasure and healthy eating. Mochica offers a rich and varied menu: For starters you can try the coeur de veau mariné and bouillabaisse a la péruvienne. As for the main dishes you have: freshly caught fish and seafood, duck, goat and lama meat cooked on the grill (the only restaurant in Canada who serves this). The herbs and spices come from Peru and the meat locally from Quebec... The cuisine is always natural and very respectful of the traditions of Peru. The restaurant-museum Mochica is for the glory of the Moche, a civilization who ruled over northern Peru from the 1st to 13th century even before Jesus Christ !

3863, rue St-Denis
Montréal , QC , H2W2M4

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