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Based in a renovated former home and school formerly serving parishioners of Beloeil in 1817, the Restaurant Le Jozéphil is in a very privileged location in the old Beloeil. It is directly across the street from Mount St. Hilaire, on the banks of the Richelieu River. Its three-tiered terrace and dining room surrounded by windows offer a spectacular view of the mountain and the river. The menu includes a weekly table d'hote, which vary with the seasons and products available. Fish, meat and salads are always available next to the highly sought after dishes, worthy of the great French cuisine. Its wine list is impressive and perfectly balanced. During the summer, we offer a terrace menu ranging from small dishes to grilled food and a variety of fishes. The chef and his assistants strive to offer presentations to delight your eyes as well as your palate. During holidays and for special occasions, the chef can come up with a menu upon request for your group. It is a delight for the eyes and a culinary experience that must be discovered in a corner of our country that our history has borrowed. Le Jozéphil is also equipped with a reception hall with a breathtaking view of the Richelieu River and Mount St. Hilaire, which can accommodate up to 30 people. This multipurpose room can be used to receive work groups for a day or accommodate any business meeting for lunch and dinner or for any other occasion to celebrate with family and friends. The unique character of the dining room and its beautiful view of the Richelieu River will, I hope, become a meeting place for admirers of good food and become a must for any meeting in our beautiful region.
969, rue Richelieu
Beloeil , QC , J3G4P8

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