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Le Chêne Blanc

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Le Chêne Blanc welcomes you to its lair to share its natural generosity. The restaurant's original concept rests on teamwork and passion. The owners, who are long time partners, are proud to offer their vision. The oak's unique, strong and straight character is reflected in the dishes served as well as in the atmosphere. Le Chêne Blanc is proud to serve Certified Angus Beef®. The Certified Angus Beef® represents a standard of excellence above all other Angus Beef. By being superior to Canadian's AAA and AA, it surpasses consumer's expectations thanks to its 10 scientifically elaborated characteristics. Only 4% of Angus cattle meets the strict requirements and are given the distinctive Certified Angus Beef® award. It's what sets this brand apart from all others. Each bite is naturally flavoured, exceptionally tender and juicy. Le Chêne Blanc is setting its roots and promises an unforgettable experience filled with sensory delight!
1150A, rue Volta
Boucherville , QC , J4B7A2

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