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For over 30 years, Le Bifthèque has been a proud family tradition. It’s a pride that you see in everything we do – in the kitchen right through to the dining room. From the ownership and management to the staff, Le Bifthèque is all about attention to quality, to detail and to making our patrons feel right at home. Behind this tradition of excellence, has been the Seltzer family, who have been in the meat industry for the past 3 generations. Most notably, Michael Seltzer, who travels the world inspecting feed lots to ensure that his customers will always have the absolute best quality meats at the best value. In addition to Le Bifthèque, Michael also runs the very successful restaurant, Gamarroff’s in Hallandale, Florida. As a part of their ongoing dedication to providing the absolute finest in dining experiences, Le Bifthèque has now remodeled its dining and banquet facilities. All this and a special touch of warmth with numerous fireplaces, plus a sushi bar where customers can discover new flavours while they wait to be seated. What else is new? Well, Le Bifthèque’s famous butcher shop now also features antipasta, a whole array of new specialty items, as well as fruits and vegetables. And with banquet facilities that can host up to 350 people, plus a terrace featuring outdoor lunch and dinners in the summer, you could say the Le Bifthèque really has the entire dining experience covered. Not to mention the beloved magician, who performs on Fridays and weekends. You can rest assured that when you come to Le Bifthèque – you’ll always be guaranteed the highest quality cuts of meat in both the restaurant and the butcher shop. The Seltzer family stands behind it. All this, and the legendary classics that have made Le Bifthèque a Montreal institution, such as garlic mash, croutons, rolls, the popular rotisserie chicken and of course, our famous mille-feuilles. Welcome to Le Bifthèque. Welcome to the ultimate dining experience.

20 boulevard De Mortagne
Boucherville , QC , J4B5K6

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