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For many people Italy is a land of dreams of sensuality, amore, sundrenched days of utter relaxation. At La Tomate Blanche, we take you there with every bite, in an exotic explosion of taste sensations. Our varied menu will dazzle you with its meat, fish, and risotto specialties, as will our extensive wine cellar, stocked exclusively with Italian wines. So get ready it`s time for la dolce vita. Our executive chef Louis Morin and his master of kitchens Éric Desormeaux are true believers. Accepting no compromises, they have crafted a menu that follows Italy`s ancestral traditions and shows you what fine food means. Risotti and pasta cooked fresh on order, meat and fish dishes that melt in your mouth, and an unforgettable menu of flavors, tastes, and garden delights. Tonight is your night, at La Tomate Blanche. Refined pastas, memorable risottos and specialties from every region of Italy. La Tomate Blanche, a little corner of Italy on the south shore. A wine cellar with only Italian wines awaits you. Benvenuto e buono appetito!
9385, Boul. Leduc
Brossard , QC , J4Y0A5

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