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La Perle Noire

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Want to take a culinary journey to Vietnam or Thailand... come to La Perle Noire. As a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant, La Perle Noire also offers delicious sushi. A sushi bar is located in the middle of the room and an experienced chef with a view of everyone creates his own specialties that you will have you returning without hesitation. The room is great, very neat decoration. The restaurant is very family friendly, people come to share a good time together with friends, exchanging dishes in the good traditional Asian way. The dishes are generous and a very good value for your money. You'll find delicious specialties such as grilled squid, grilled beef and many others... including sushi! Also try their delicious soups, nothing better than a good Vietnamese or Thai soup... Fans of traditional Vietnamese/Thai cuisine and large family tables where it's fine to share food will not regret it here! A discreet and friendly service, a gourmet cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere, that's La Perle Noire!

4190, boul. Grande-Allée
Greenfield Park , QC , J4V3N2

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