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Chez Fabien

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Come take a well deserved break and relax in a warm atmosphere decorated with style in rich and luxurious colors. A place where you can have a sumptuous meal in a sieved lighting. We persist in giving you an unforgettable culinary experience. We pay a very special attention on every detail, whether it is in the choice of colors and textures in decoration to the freshness of ingredients, the meticulous preparation and presentation of dishes, the quality of service will meet the highest standards. Furthermore, we are located only 2 minutes from the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne. At Chez Fabien, the welcome is exceptional, courteous and kind, you will be treated as kings. The entire team is at your service to offer you an ultimate experience. We have exactly what you need. Whether it is for the fine connoisseurs or simply those who appreciate the harmony of a good meal and a fine bottle of wine, our cellar will know how to please you by its excellent selection.
778 St-Pierre
Terrebonne , QC , J6W1E4

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