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Mabuhay and Welcome to CASA manila! CASA manila features authentic Filipino signature recipes made from scratch, freshly cooked, with vegetarian and gluten free options. CASA manila’s culinary philosophy is called “Nature to Nurture”. Simply put, the least we tamper with Mother Nature’s goodness, the more our food will nurture our bodies. We do not use MSG, artificial ingredients or processed food and reduce the use of salt and oil without compromising the authenticity of family style, home cooking. We locally source our poultry and meat and use sustainable seafood represented in our regional and colonial recipes. Filipino food is a blending of cultural influences derived from its fascinating history as well the indigenous ingredients found in the over 7100 islands which makes up the Philippines. CASA manila restaurant’s interior decor expresses the diversity of the Filipino cultural mosaic. Representing the tribal past, the tropical setting, the Spanish colonial history and even a hint of the brief American colonization, the original artwork and furnishings transports you to the Philippines as soon as you walk through the door. Set in the heart of GTA, between the 2 major highways, nestled in North York, ample free parking is available for your convenience. CASA manila’s Kamayan, our most popular hand to mouth, communal dining replicates a tribal theme which the Toronto Star has called “Filipino feast at CASA manila is hands-on fun. It’s an Instagram worthy spread, impressive in scope and colour.” CASA manila embodies the Mabuhay Spirit which means “Welcome and long live! “. Even when the restaurant is full, the team is eager to make you feel welcome with their hospitality as well as the wholesome food which is made with a passion to express the goodness Filipino cuisine.
879 York Mills Road
Toronto , ON , M3B1Y5

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