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The New Bistro V from the renowned gourmet restaurant, l'Autre Version, was created with a bistro formula in mind, serving a bistronomy (a contraction of bistro and gourmet cooking) type of cuisine, which is the art of great cooking in a small restaurant, at an affordable price. You will find a warm lounge ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere, which is the perfect place to meet up with friends and food lovers. Share, taste, discover and enjoy your evening at Bistro V. Adding to the already personalised service, the owners or the chef don't miss an opportunity to meet their patrons. The dinning room can accommodate around 60 people or 80 people as groups. Its terrace, opened during warm weather, will please its clientele. Also, Bistro V is the perfect place for your private or professional events in one of their rooms equipped with a fireplace, accommodating up to 15 people.
1463, Lionel-Boulet, local 104
Varennes , QC , J3X1P7

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