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Integrate TouchBistro Dine with your website

Use the code below to add Reservation iFrames or widgets directly to your website.
Do you have multiple locations in your restaurant group?
TouchBistro Dine now supports a multiple venue selector in your online reservations page, single column widget, and block widgets. Please contact support to change your reservations page and reservations widgets between Single Venue and Multiple Venues. Note: making this change will update your online reservations page and all of your existing TouchBistro Dine widgets.

Reservation through an iFrame

An iFrame can be used to embed the TouchBistro Dine booking website into your restaurant website so that diners can book reservations without ever having to leave your website. To use an iFrame, copy and paste the iFrame code into your website HTML.

Single Venue iFrame

Multiple Venues iFrame

iFrame Code

Reservation Widgets

Reservation widgets are easy-to-use reservations components that you can embed into your website. Using a widget, diners can begin the reservations booking process by selecting their booking details. When a diner selects “Find a table,” the widget will redirect them to the TouchBistro Dine booking website. To add a widget, copy and paste the widget code into your website HTML.

One Column Widget

Single Venue Widget
Multiple Venues Widget
One Column Widget Code

One Row Widget

Single Venue Widget

One Row Widget Code

Block Widget

Single Venue Widget

Multiple Venues Widget

Block Widget Code

Add your reviews to your website

Display your reviews on your website to let your diners know what past diners think about your restaurant. To add your reviews, copy and paste the iFrame code into your website HTML.

Reviews iFrame

Reviews iFrame Code