Why Bookenda ?

Bookenda simplifies interactions between customers and merchants.


Discover why Bookenda is the perfect solution for your business :

Reservations at all times

Your customers can make a reservation or appointment 24/7, no matter where they are. And you’ll be notified in real time.

Automated reservation management

With automated reminders, cancellation confirmations, and targeted promotions Bookenda is designed to work for you and reduce the likelihood of errors and oversights.

Book appointments on Facebook

By adding our reservation tool to your Facebook page, it’s easier than ever for your customers to book a reservation with you.

Manage your waiting list

You can easily let waiting customers know when a table opens up (by text or pager) during busy times.

Optimize your tables

Now you can place customers at the right tables and redistribute them among your wait staff. Plus, you can see when tables open up in real time.

Update your point of sale system

No need to manage two systems at the same time. Bookenda is completely integrated and automatically updates your POS system.

Make the most of your customer database

By collecting the coordinates and preferences of your clientele, we can help you create targeted promotions and ultimately build better relationships with them.

Manage promotions

Select a Bookenda promotion, personalize it, and send it out right away. It’s a simple way to increase sales.

Loyalty program

Not only is the Bookenda loyalty program FREE, it’s easy to sign up for and it will create excitement around your business.

Feature Bookenda on your website

By integrating a simple code into your website, our module makes it easy for your customers to book a reservation directly with you.

Visibility on partner sites

Get valuable exposure thru online business directories affiliated with Bookenda and benefit from the extra visibility that can lead to more business.


Evaluate your performance at a glance with Bookenda’s online reports.