Updated: January 15 2012

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

This Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (""Statement"") governs our relationship with users and others who interact with Bookenda. By using or accessing Bookenda, you agree to this Statement.


We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy.


We do our best to keep Bookenda safe, but we cannot guarantee absolute security. We need your help to do that, which includes the following commitments:

Registration and account security

Bookenda users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

Protecting the rights of others

We respect the rights of others and ask you to do the same.


If you make a payment on Bookenda, you agree to our Terms of Payment specified in the Privacy Policy.

Special provisions applicable to share links

If you include our Share Link button on your website, you must first obtain our permission.

Additional terms applicable to application and website developers/operators

If you are a developer or operator of a website or application using our platform, the following additional terms apply to you:

About advertisements on Bookenda

Our goal is to deliver ads that are beneficial not only to advertisers, but also to users. To that end, you agree to the following terms:


We can make changes to this Statement for legal or administrative reasons, or to correct an inaccurate statement. In such case, we will give you notice but not an opportunity to comment on the change(s).


If you violate the letter or spirit of this Statement, or otherwise create a potential legal liability for us, we can stop providing you with all or part of Bookenda.