Marketing Program

With our marketing program, creating successful promotions was never easier! Simply use the Bookenda client database to create customized offers that will ultimately build stronger relationships with your current customers and attract new ones. Just select any one of our ready-to-use templates, adapt it to fit your needs, choose how you want to send it out, and instantly get a sense of how well it’s working for you. It’s simple and profitable!

Last minute

  • Push last-minute offers, maximum 48 hours in advance

  • Invite more customers when traffic is less than expected

  • Reduce the amount of wasted food

  • Fill last-minute cancellations

  • Instantly reach nearby users

Events & deals

  • Fill any holes in your schedule with customers looking for special offers

  • Turn dead time into a profitable opportunity

  • Introduce a special event with limited access to generate excitement

  • Create special offers for specific times


  • Invite your customers to take advantage of special offers

  • Reap the rewards of great advertising

  • Increase your visibility


  • Turn first-time visitors into lifelong customers

  • Give your most loyal customers the opportunity to redeem points for great offers that will work for both of you

  • Save on the fees associated with development and administration. Bookenda will handle it !

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