Joe Beef, Montreal

We did the transition with Bookenda over 3 years ago, and now, considering how far we’ve come, there’s no way we could go back to the previous system.

One of our priorities

In the beginning, one of our priorities was to get rid of the big, unwieldy computer so we could become wireless and mobile. Now with Bookenda, we manage the entire dining room with an iPad. And there’s no need to buy a license for each device you use. Plus, everyone can access Bookenda and make reservations from their mobile phone, tablet, iPad or computer at no extra charge. Now, all our staff members have an access code to get into the system and make reservations. This means everyone is empowered to do their job and still feel like they’re part of a team.

Bookenda listen to us

Another great benefit is that Bookenda listens to us. Since we’ve started to work with them, we’ve been able to make suggestions and then see those ideas come to life. It’s a great feeling to be part of the systems as it improves. And It’s nice to see a dedicated team that never stops developing more tools and perfecting the

Save a lot of money

Best of all, we get to save a lot of money with Bookenda. No more additional fees of any kind (reservation fees, license fees, etc.) - you pay one price per month and that’s it. Now that we have this very affordable system, and an attentive and caring team supporting us, we can achieve way more than ever before