About Bookenda

Bookenda is an interactive schedule management solution for individuals and businesses. Developed in Canada, it offers a complete system to manage reservations and appointments. Plus it gives you targeted marketing deals, and an effective loyalty program !

Secure and accessible via any device connected to the Internet, Bookenda is an SaaS service that’s available in the Cloud. No installation or equipment is required.



We make it easier for your customers to find and contact you. What’s more, every time they use the app they’ll discover great offers and accumulate Bookenda points.



With one click, your customers can make an appointment and get instant confirmation. And once the reservation has been made, it goes directly into your Bookenda agenda.



Your customers can share their get-togethers and availabilities with friends on social networks, and discuss a shared event with peers.

Simplify your life…

It’s time to rethink and update how you currently do business by embracing our technology so you can get your company to evolve and stand out.

After all, running a business is a never-ending job. You have to take bookings and appointments, send confirmations and reminders (by email or phone), respond to endless questions, and manage all kinds of requests... it’s a lot of hard work that takes up a lot of time.

Let Bookenda do it all for you.